The M&F Group opens the new EMEA with KAIVAC cleaning systems originating in the USA. A separate KAIVAC EMEA website is a must here.

Hygienic cleaning.
Floors make up a large percentage of the surfaces to be cleaned in almost every facility. KAIVAC offers machines that are prepared for every requirement. In the new image brochure, customers receive a comprehensive overview of the various cleaning devices.

A revolution in hygienic cleaning services.
KAIVAC develops intelligent cleaning equipment. For example, a new method for cleaning toilets: the No-Touch Cleaning® system. Using high-pressure cleaning, detergent injection, liquid absorption and other functions, toilets are made hygienically cleaner than ever before! These, and other product innovations provide plenty of content for the new KAIVAC EMEA website. Eye-catching design combined with concise content and informative application videos - cleaning can be beautiful this way. www.kaivac-emea.com

Get in touch with No-touch Cleaning.
An exhibition booth is a company's business card. Therefore, at Adhurricane even small stand areas don't use prefabricated construction. On 24 m², Kaivac presented innovative and intelligent cleaning systems in accordance with the company philosophy. Special eye-catcher: the products as table-decoration elements. Very odd!

Informative product workshops combined with some winter action and culinary highlights. During the EMEA KAIVAC SMART CLEANING SUMMIT, a US delegation from the KAIVAC company introduced the visiting sales experts to the world of no-touch cleaning products. The packed seminar program was complimented with snow-buggy racing, a curling challenge and cheese dumplings in idyllic Faistenau, as well as a team-building cooking class at Cook and Wine in Salzburg.

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