Genuine Gastein thermal water, soothing warmth in a sauna paradise and a breathtaking mountain panorama. Alpentherme Gastein represents pure relaxation.

Alpentherme at a glance.
The Alpentherme Gastein is big. And it stretches across different levels. For some bathers on the first visit a challenge. Therefore, Adhurricane was commissioned to draw up an orientation plan. In the illustration style, it was possible to give a clear and appealing overview of the Alpentherme.

More online presence. More bookings.
The premium partners of Alpentherme Gastein benefited from a joint online campaign. Adhurricane switched online banners on well-known online portals for the Alpentherme and its partner companies and achieved a clickthrough rate of averaging 0.30% for billboards and mobile understitials in selected online titles with a total of around 1,000,000 ad requests. The parallel Adwords campaign achieved 6.70% clickthrough rate with a conversion rate of 21.75%. First-class win-win situation.

Leisure at the lake.
The new thermal swimming lakes now also invite you to enjoy the warm summer days at the Alpentherme at Bad Hofgastein. The theme of the attention-grabbing campaign combines typical activities, which can only be found in real LAKES with thermal baths. A special eye-catcher: The headline with a purposeful, yet very varied interpretation. 32- and 48-sheet posters as well as online banners and ads in daily newspapers were used to ensure wide-reaching penetration. Certainly something that had to be SEEN!

Striking radio spots on Ö3, Antenne Salzburg and LifeRadio give the campaign even more exposure and range. The media plan contains the best broadcasting times of Adhurricane.

That tingling feeling.
2017 brought many novelties - especially at Alpentherme Gastein. Apart from the expansion of the spa offer, the magazine G'Fühl was relaunched in a new format and layout. Adhurricane was responsible for the idea and design up to the finished printed product.

Why do guests choose Alpentherme as their preferred thermal spa?
Discriminating spa visitors give their reasons as testimonials in the new image brochure. A compelling implementation style invites potential visitors to immerse themselves in the relaxing, beautiful environment.

The year of light.
Dazzling offers on the new key visual make the Gastein spa offer more desirable in the International Year of Light. A new zest for life, sparkling freshness and increased vitality - the visible result of day at the spa at Alpentherme Gastein - really persuade you to pay a visit.

A flexible campaign launch.
To achieve maximum market penetration whilst sticking tightly to their budget, different-size posters were used - ranging from about 1.7 x 2.4 m to 10 x 2 m - in co-ordination with the poster company.

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