The Paris Lodron University of Salzburg, with more than 18,000 students and around 2,800 employees, is the largest educational institution in the state of Salzburg. The first "owned media tool" of the University of Salzburg was launched to exhibit the Research Support Unit. The Research Report would be a comprehensive, printed research magazine published yearly.

Research under the microscope.
The periodical research report provides an insight into the variety of research activities at the University of Salzburg. Here, all project leaders are portrayed editorially and their research is presented.

Digital scavenger hunt!
Who wouldn't love to take part in a scavenger hunt through the city of Salzburg? Especially if you're always a winner! This promotional idea prompted the creation of a Research Report Competition App. Everyone can download the app for free. The aim of this competition is to collect points. Points in the form of QR codes hidden in the current research report. Plus there are outdoor points in the form of tracking stations within the city of Salzburg. And those who collected the most points would receive selected, exciting prizes provided by co-operative partners!

Petrol takes on electric.
With commentary provided by Heinz PrĂ¼ller, an electric sports car and a conventional vehicle powered by petrol - driven by Hans Enn and Robert Lechner respectively - raced against each in Salzburg for the first time. Result: The Porsche bolide thrilled the audience in and around the EUROPARK. The accelerative force exhibited by the 100% eco-friendly car convinced not only environmentalists, but also demanding motorsport fans. Likewise, Adhurricane, who co-organised the event and were the general planners, came up with the idea of the event at the last minute - and it was a resounding success.

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