Gallbauer was able to stage purposeful activities, its own customer magazine, finger food cards that sold like hotcakes and short films, which were all performance proof of the excellent preparations that had been made across the different catering areas.

The film's starting!
Events, finger food and pastries are three of the product categories of Gallbauer Catering. Each area in and of itself is art and craft at the same time. The special Gallbauer cuisine and the exceptional Gallbauer catering services are the focal point of a special kind of company presentation, shown in the form of a film.

Making of.
A sophisticated concept, a good mood and the utmost concentration are the ideal prerequisites for each advertising production to gain the perfect result. Over thirty years, film, television, radio creation and adaptations with the best in the industry have also constantly shown us one thing: if the story, protagonists, settings and team are defined once, then you only need a motivational mix: 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration!

Catering Culture.
Juicy articles, complete with pictures, e.g. on steaming, grilling, wedding catering, food design, seasonal desserts or various forms of bread make the mouths of hungry readers water. Delicious recipes, interesting scene portraits and impressive reports are the ingredients that round off every issue of Catering Culture, and the magazines regularly pay into the Gallbauer brand image.

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