Audi is the most successful automotive premium brand in the German market. High-impact radio campaigns with testimonials from Marcel Hirscher and Hans Knauss broadened Audi's field to ski sports. These campaigns diversified the brand in the direction of the slogan "Vorsprung durch Technik" (Advancement through technology), top-notch service, and they also convey a connection to Austria.

Marcel Hirscher comes with more advancements!
In the Audi "quattro days" advert, Marcel Hirscher reveals how he makes his advances: Through technology! Perfect processing technology matched the high Audi standards too. From the voice recordings with the Austrian skiing champion to the finished radio ad.

Hans Knauss on the right track as he changes wheels.
On the way to the piste, Hans Knauss only trusts quattro! Because it stays on track. Not to mention Audi's perfect service. Thousands of drivers answer this call a year to go to the Audi garages, and they stay on track even when they're changing wheels!

QUATTRO. It stays on track.
The sixth sense says: Quattro. That's because whoever chooses an Audi Quattro stays perfectly on track, and they also get to enjoy 2,000 Euros - the Home of Quattro Premium. For a limited time only. On Ö3 and all major private radio stations in Austria.

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