Masquelier Original OPCs Anthogenol is known as fountain of youth in insider circles thanks to the particular active agents it contains. Now everyone should find that out.

Anja Kruse reveals her secret.
Famous from the German TV series "Forsthaus Falkenau", "Wenn das die Nachbarn wüssten", "Klinik unter Palmen" amongst others, Anja Kruse relied on Masquelier's Original OPC Anthogenol, and, for the first time, she revealed her secrets of well-being, high agility and her good looks to the public! The Anthogenol print campaign with Anja Kruse came to be widely used. Flanked by extensive POS measures and direct mailings to regular customers.

For its 65th anniversary, Prof. Masquelier's Anthogenol OPCs invites you to celebrate with us. With an online and offline scratch-card game that also generates new target groups via a targeted Facebook campaign and ensures more virality for Anthogenol’s social media presence. Loyal customers will find anniversary tickets in the package and promo ads in magazines for the target groups are also used for broad diversification. Anthogenol shoppers are thus directed right to the campaign landing page.

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