Biotta produces fruit and vegetable juices in the purest organic quality. If it says Biotta on the package, it's just got Biotta inside. All quality and performance components to do with the brand were laid out in an integrated brand management process, the goal being the successful development of the world of the Biotta brand.

From pioneer to market leader.
The Biotta brand can look back on its impressive history. What started as a vision in the field of organic juice production has since then matured into a company of international stature. It's important to react quickly and flexibly to differing market needs and establish qualitative dialogue with the customer. This demand can solely be met by a brand strategy that uses all the methods available to get the specific Biotta benefits across to the target group profiled. The journey from organic pioneer to market leadership is laid out precisely in their brand book. The impact factors resulting from Biotta's brand success that were fixed in the brand's DNS were defined in minute detail and put into practice in numerous activities during the Biotta Brand Challenge.

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