The perfect surge! A full Tofix packaging relaunch releases a fresh scent into Austrian toilets.
Available in 8 different varieties!

From orange to ocean fresh.
The new Tofix product range features natural and exotic aromas. So, as a key visual that's Tofix has learnt, the typical Tofix surge conveys the central Tofix message of natural cleaning power and long-lasting freshness.

Toilets around the world.
Cultural preferences, national characteristics and geographical conditions seem to lend even the quietest places on our planet their own particular features. 12 different "toilets around the world", with the inclusion of selected country themes and motifs, give us an exhilarating insight into this world, and were made a reality in exclusive collaboration with the illustrator, Michael Mantel. The campaign increases the sympathy values of Tofix, and translates the distinct offline presence of the brand into digital activities via the exclusive chance it has to be registered online.

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