A multicultural brand management process to reposition Power Horse: around since 1994, this energy drink, which had its beginnings in the Middle East, can now be found in more than 50 countries.

A new identity.
The journey from product to successful brand! The Power Horse management recognised that a brand can only remain successful if every department in the company and lots of employees are involved in establishing the brand. Sessions with up to 120 people from different Middle Eastern countries presented a major challenge. Questions such as "What does the Power Horse brand represent?" or "What's the brand's unmistakable DNS (determinate normative system)?" had to be worked out together. All the relevant activities within the fields of brand performance: Production, distribution, human resources and communications were finally laid out in the Power Horse Brand Challenge Plan.

As the leading energy drink brand in the Middle East, Power Horse is being increasingly advertised on TV. The brand made high-impact adverts using elaborate animation technique for the 14-49 year-old target group, and did so in advertising flights on major channels such as LBC, MBC, AlJazeera ...

For Power Horse, it was time to develop a wide range of merchandising and POS tools in addition to all the classic branding activities. This ranges from the entire equipment of the Power Horse World Rally Team, for instance, to the detailed planning and translation of the product's performance and the brand identity onto the shelf.

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